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    Preparing Children for First Reconciliation – an Introduction- Enfield
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    A Look At The Sacrament Of Reconciliation- Radlett
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    Preparing Teenagers for Confirmation – an Introduction- Wembley 1
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    Reflecting on the Eucharist- Radlett

'Dowry of Mary' - Talks by Fr Philp Miller at Hoddesdon

'Dowry of Mary’ Rededication 2020



Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary*

‘The New Eve / The New Ark of the Covenant’ — 21st May

‘The Queen Mother / The Perpetual Virgin’ — 18th June

‘Birth of the Messiah / The Foot of the Cross’ — 16th July


Tuesday evenings 8pm

in St Augustine’s Catholic Church

High Street, Hoddesdon (EN11 8DS)


* talks based on the book of this name by Brant Pitre

Talk series — summer 2019

(Fr Philip Miller)

As a preliminary to the important Catholic event for England in March 2020 (the rededication of England as the ‘Dowry of Mary’), Fr Philip is giving a series of monthly talks on the background to the figure of Mary. 

Basing his talks on the insights of Jewish Scripture & Jewish traditional literature gathered together in Brant Pitre’s book Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary, Fr Philip will explain the context of these great themes:

—   Mary as: the New Eve, & the New Ark of the Covenant;

—   Mary as: the Queen Mother & the Perpetual Virgin;

—   Mary’s giving birth to the Messiah & her being at the foot of the Cross.

Dr Pitre writes:

“The Jewish roots of Catholic beliefs about Mary … completely changed the way I saw Mary.  First, I learned that Catholic beliefs about Mary are deeply rooted in ancient Christianity.  … Mary’s perpetual virginity, sinlessness, identity as ‘Mother of God,’ power of intercession, and bodily assumption into heaven are not new ideas, but old. … Second, these ancient Christian beliefs about Mary flowed directly out of what early Christians believed about Jesus. … Third, I discovered that ancient Christians got their beliefs about Mary from the Old Testament — not just the New Testament. … You simply cannot understand Mary without looking at her in her first-century Jewish context.”


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