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The resources you will find in this part of the website will help you to understand the importance of catechesis in the home, in the parish and in the school.  In addition to general resources there are also suggestions for celebrating the important moments in the cycle of the Church's year.

Of particular use will be the sections on the Liturgy of the Word for Children - here leaders who find a resource for each week of the liturgical year together with supporting material - and Religious Education within the parish context, a growing need for children not in Catholic schools.

General Resources

This part of the website will allow you to access resources that will be helpful in understanding the importance of good catechesis in the home, parish and school.


Seasonal Resources

The Church follows a Liturgical Calendar that connects the seasons of the year to the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus, providing us with a framework to enter more deeply into the Paschal Mystery of our Lord. The liturgical year encompasses the rites, celebrations, and feasts that take place during the Church year and are highlighted in the Scripture readings and prayers of the Mass.

This page offers resources and suggestions for liturgical catechesis to be used within your current programmes of sacramental preparation as well as suggestions of ways in which families celebrate the important moments in the cycle of the Church's year at home.