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  • 15 September 2020
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  • 7 October 2020
    Allen Hall Lectures with Fr John Hemer MHM –"The book of Isaiah A.K.A. The Fifth Gospel."
  • 7 October 2020
    Allen Hall Lectures with Fr. John Hemer MHM – The book of Isaiah A.K.A. The Fifth Gospel.
  • 13 October 2020

Video & Audio Talks on Faith

On this page you will find audio and video  talks on a variety of topics on faith, theology and Scripture. These talks were organised by the Agency for Evangelisation and delivered across the diocese over the past few years. The topics range from 'Who is God?' to 'Last Things'. You might find these talks useful for your own faith development. You may use some of them in your pastoral work with parents in sacramental preparation programmes and with groups of adults. Some of the talks might be useful to enrich the RE curriculum.  




On Professional Development in Lay Ministry

Catechesis and the New Evangelisation by Paula Jordao
The Challenges of faith for Young People Today by Fr Michael Holman SJ

Catechesis – The Drama of Holy Wisdom Among us by Fr John Farrell, OP


Topics for Faith development


Faith, Science and the Human Person by Rev Dr Andrew Pinsent

Newman on Reason and Faith by Fr James Pereiro

Is God? Who God? The Existence and Nature of God by Peter Vardy

What is Faith and How do we Believe? by Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Faith and the Psychologists by Professor Rachel Blass

Finding God in other Cultures and Religions by Professor Ian Linden

Who is Jesus? Does it Matter? by Gerald O’Collins, S.J.

Authority and Conscience in Church and Society by Richard Finn OP

Catholicism and Public Life by John Battle M.P.

The Catholic Moral Vision: A Guide to Happiness by Fr Stephen Wang

Catholics and the Bible by Fr. John Hemer

Catholics and Prayer by Fr John Edwards SJ

Newman on Christ and the Church by John McDade

Eucharist: Sacrament of Healing, of Unity and of Life  by Rev Dr Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ
Reconciliation: Wasted Sacrament or Valued Gift?  by Bishop John Arnold, Diocese of Westminster

The Priest and the Universal Baptismal Call by Clare Watkins

The Saints: Why do we need them and what do they look like? by
Fr Stephen Wang and Hannah Vaughan-Spruce

Praying for the Dead by Fr John Edwards, SJ

Judgement, Heaven and Hell by  Fr Dominic Robinson

He will come again. The Second Coming of Christ by Sr Cathy Jones
‘O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness’: Art and Architecture, Poetry and Music at the Service of the Liturgy by Archbishop George Stack

 ‘A Treasure of Inestimable Value’ – Music as Liturgy and Prayer  by Andrew Carwood, St Paul’s Cathedral and Liturgical choir Schola Cantarum, Heythrop College

Catholism and Capitalism by Philip Booth

Diplomacy and Faith by Francis Campbell

Human Rights: Does Faith Matter? by Professor Conor Gearty

Jounalism - Can the News be Good? by Charles Moore

Faith Dilemmas: Policing our Community in Modern Day Britain by Joe Hackett
The Just War: The Moral and Ethical Questions to Consider by
General The Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank
Faith of our Fathers: Legacies of English Catholic History
by John Morrill
 The Priest: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Fr Adian Nichols OP
The Priest as Witness by Archbishop Vincent Nichols
The Call to Priesthood in a Global City by Fr Andrzej Forys

Newman and Friendship by Fr Daniel Seward, CO
Cardinal Newman: A Man for Our Time by Dr Judith Champ
Vocation in Church and World by Martin Rainsford and Fr Paul O'Reilly, SJ
Catholic Social Teaching: Practising Visions of Hope by Dr Anna Rowlands
Sharing our Spiritual Riches: Interreligious Dialogue by Archbishop Kevin McDonald


On St Paul

1-1. Celebrating Paul in the Pauline Year: Conversion or Call? The 'revelation to Paul' on the Road to Damascus by Fr Peter Edmonds SJ

1-2. Celebrating Paul in the Pauline Year: A letter to all'  his earliest and best? The First Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians by Fr Peter Edmonds SJ

1-3. Celebrating Paul in the Pauline Year: The power of God for salvation: the Gospel of the letter to the Romans by Fr Peter Edmonds SJ


On Scripture

1-1 What Scripture says…and does not say – reading the Bible in context by Fr Peter Burrows

1-2 Finding your ways through the Old Testament – The Bible at a glance by Fr Peter Burrows

1-3 ‘When I was a child I spoke like a child…’ – human and faith development (I Cor 13:11) by Fr Peter Burrows

2-1 Suffering and Theodicy by Fr Peter Burrows

2-2 Love in the Bible by Fr Peter Burrows

2-3 A Study of Ruth by Fr Peter Burrows

3-1 Life and death in the Bible by Fr Peter Burrows

3-2 ‘Through art the Christ’ – Biblical Christology by Fr Peter Burrows

3-3 Women in the Bible – from Eve to the Women crowned with Stars by Fr Peter Burrows

 On Morality

1-1. Towards A Civilisation of Love: Man and Women He Created Them - theology of the body by Edmund Adamus

1-2. Towards A Civilisation of Love: Smart Loving - The Gift of Self in Marriage by Edmund Adamus

1-3. Towards A Civilisation of Love: Virtues of Life - Raising our Children in Christ by Edmund Adamus


On Prayer

Praying the San Damiano Crucifix. The Crucifix that spoke to Francis of Assisi by Brian Purfield