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    Allen Hall Lectures with Fr John Hemer MHM –"The book of Isaiah A.K.A. The Fifth Gospel."
  • 7 October 2020
    Allen Hall Lectures with Fr. John Hemer MHM – The book of Isaiah A.K.A. The Fifth Gospel.
  • 13 October 2020

Parish Practice Bank

In this section you will find information and examples of good parish practice. On this site you are very welcome to share with others your own good parish pracice. You are welcome to share your sessions outlines, powerpoint presentations, good pictures, music suggestions and links, suggested good AFF programmes, your own 'parish grown' programmes and initiatives, etc. Please get in touch at


The following are a few good practicese for the Year of Faith


Handing on Faith by Jane Gonzales (SS Mary & Joseph, Boxmoor)

There’s a lot  of  concern  in the Church  about  handing  on  the faith  to  future  generations.  As part of the Year of Faith initiatives in our parish, we have decided to create a concrete record to pass on  to  those  whose  will  inherit the parish from us.  This is a venture that we
are undertaking with our sister parishes of St. Mark’s and Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead,   and  we  will   also be inviting members of the Ordinariate,  who  are  based within  our community, to make a contribution.
Parishioners have been invited to write a short account  of their own faith journey so far or to express simply and freely what faith means to them in their lives – both past and present and for the future (contributions   can be anonymous if the person so desires). On two Sundays out of every four,  until  the end of the Year of  Faith, a ‘Faith Journey’ piece will be on the front  of the newsletter,  and a copy  also on the Year of Faith noticeboard. Space  won’t    allow   us   more than around 300 words for the newsletter    so   longer    pieces are welcomed but  edited.   The unedited version goes on the board.
Eventually, it is hoped that most people in the parish will have  given  us  some  evidence of what faith  means to them  – if not  as described  above, then by filling  in a Faith Card – these will be distributed in the New Year - to individuals and groups. The Faith Card will ask for just a
few words – it is something  that the youngest of our parishioners will be able to complete  as well! Finally,  all  contributions,  long or  short,  will  be  collated   and put  into  scrap  books.    These, we hope, will provide
tangible evidence  of  the  faith  lived  out in the early years of the twenty- first century, by ordinary women and men in the pews, for the generations that follow us.

St Monica, Palmers Green

We started with a Mission led by the CAFE team and with various contributors. From this we have developed a ‘Dad’s Breakfast’ group and a ‘Mum’s Breakfast’ group each of which will meet again  in
 Lent.  Small  faith- sharing groups are also very strong.  We will  be participating in ecumenical Lent groups  - Fr John  Hemer  MHM is delivering this year. Also setting up sessions for the
Catholicism  (Fr Robert Barron) DVD course. Parenting classes being   prepared for after  Easter. Regular  on-going formation for catechists using diocesan advisers and others. Annual Day of Recollection for
Catechists and Week of Guided Prayer.

Our Lady and St Joseph, Hanwell

Dedicated    Notice     board    in porch constantly updated with anything  that can be linked  to the Year of Faith, Saint of the Month etc.
Additional push and invite to join the Small Faith Sharing Communities. DVDs on Catholicism  and Year of Faith planned.


Our Lady, St Johns Wood

Use of Catholicism  DVD series; special monthly Mass/meal sessions; monthly ‘Catholic culture’ outings.

SS Peter and Paul, Northfields

A small group of catechists undergoing the certificate course; making available the printed parish handout each ‘special’ Sunday.

St Edmund, Millwall

All the regular adult catechesis remains  in  place.  In  addition, we  are  publishing   each week in the newsletter the summary sections   of   the   Catechism   - the whole catechism will be covered  over  duration   of  Year of Faith. Producing  booklets  for the  parishioners  over  the  
year: ‘Who was Jesus? What was his ministry?’, ‘The sacraments’,
‘The  Nature  of  Sin’,  ‘Christian Morality of Sexuality’.

St Peter-in-Chains, Stroud Green

A family away day and picnic, prayer sponsors, a multi-cultural Mass and a Bring-and-Share meal, helping parishioners and families with their prayer life.

Sacred  Heart   of   Jesus  and   St. Joseph, Ware

Year of  Faith pastoral  planning group to help to plan the YOF initiatives such as pilgrimages to St Edmund College, Walsingham and Wintershall.  Six week preparation course for adults who are not confi rmed. One of initiative for the Year of Faith.
First group is for 16-30 years old and second group is for 30+ years old. Six further ‘bespoke’ sessions on YOF themes. A retired couple in the parish have started sessions on Thursday mornings which aim to break
open the Sunday readings, this will continue past the end of the Year.


Our Lady & St Vincent, Potters Bar

Running the Robert Barron series of DVD’s. Exposition each week. Two pilgrimages to be arranged. Parish social events. Non-Catholic school visits to our church.


Our Lady of Good Counsel, Stoke Newington is going to strengthen faith-sharing groups.

St Michael’s, Ashford is planning for Lectio Divina.

All Saints, Kenton is bringing awareness of aims of Year of Faith into sacramental preparation and small group discussion work.

St Ignatius, Stamford Hill has Advent and Lent scripture study, ‘Catholics Celebrating the Bible’ lecture series by Fr Peter Edmonds SJ

St Thomas More, Eastcote  is trying to develop youth ministry at present and embedding the parents’ sessions for First Holy Communion.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Uxbridge is using Catholicism DVD (Fr Robert
Barron); has talks; extra times of Eucharistic Adoration to be held
throughout the Year.