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Towards a Formation of the Human Heart

Developing and Sustaining Adult Faith

The process for developing and sustaining adult faith formation ‘Towards a Formation of the Human Heart’ is aimed to assist parishes in developing a systematic and sustainable approach to a pastoral planning with a special focus upon adult faith formation. This process came into being after a few seminars with a number of parish leaders, listening to their needs and suggestions and researching into a number of examples of effective and similar processes in the USA.

This process takes at least 12 months and requires a dedication and determination from the parish priest and his team to step back and reflect on the current parish situation, needs and priorities. This is about enabling parishes to create a new culture of adult faith formation and planning for the sustainable future.

The process is adaptable and can be used in a number of pastoral settings as it offer an effective framework for parish leadership teams and parish councils to consolidate resources and come up with an effective and long term approach to planning, team formation and effective practical results.

The parish teams will be provided with mentoring and training seminars and a Leaders Guide with 5 Parish Workbooks. These resources offer step by step suggestions to go through the process and provide a number of practical examples to make it effective and engaging. 

The process consists of 5 phases:

Phase 1 – Get organised

Phase 2 – Team formation and learning

Phase 3 – Assessment of current practices and insights for the future

Phase 4 – Discernment and writing of parish AFF plan

Phase 5 – Implementation and evaluation

This process is aimed at parishes that are willing to develop an effective pastoral team, evaluate current pastoral practices, define priorities and a long term pastoral plan. The process is

  • to provide parishes with a framework for effective pastoral planning 
  • form effective parish teams
  • enable parishes to step back and evaluate their current pastoral practices and plan for the future.
  • provide parishes with simple guides and practical resources to facilitate the process.
  • offer mentoring opportunities and training seminars to the parish teams.


The introduction of the process to the parishes will be on-going throughout 2012-2013. Some parishes were introduced to this 12 month process in spring 2012. If your parish is interested and would like to get further information, please contact or call 0207 931 6078.

AFF Process

Year of Faith

"We can say of catechesis, as well as of evangelisation in general, that it is called to bring the power of the gospel into the very heart of culture and cultures." Catechesis in Our Time, 53