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God speaks to his people through the Reader who proclaims the word of God from Sacred Scripture.  In all its variety and richness, reading at Mass and in other liturgies challenges the minister to bring alive the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who hears God’s word.

  • Preparing to Read at Mass – understanding the context of the reading, practising the proclamation of the reading, and spending time in prayer with the reading, will help the reader to proclaim God’s word with confidence. – attachment
  • Liturgy of the Word for Children – proclaiming the scriptures to children requires preparation through reading and prayer, and in gaining an understanding of how children hear and respond to what God is saying to them.  - attachment
  • A range of information and resources are available from the Liturgy Office:  The Liturgy Office - Liturgy and Scripture


Verbum Domini The Word of the Lord (2010) Pope Benedict XVI Exhortation on the word of God in the life and mission of the Church -

'The Gift of Scripture' - from the Bishops' Conferences published 2005

Lectors Notes -

'The God Who Speaks' - A guide for Readers from Leeds Diocese:  Guide for Readers