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The Church evangelises by the beauty of the liturgy.
Let us ask for the personal and sincere meeting with Christ who lives in the liturgy that our lives may be a spiritual sacrifice offered to God.” [Pope Francis – February 2021]

Included in The Agency for Evangelisation’s commitment to ongoing formation of parishioners is that in the area of liturgy, particularly liturgical ministries.  The liturgy can be a powerful vehicle of evangelisation.  For our liturgy to aspire to this goal, knowledge and understanding of the principles that lie behind it are essential/desirable, particularly among a parish’s liturgical leadership team.  To further this aim, the Society of St Gregory and London Jesuit Centre are working together to provide comprehensive formation in liturgy.

The Society of St Gregory in partnership with London Jesuit Centre, are offering a new course ‘Taking Liturgy Seriously’ from September 2021.  This first course is introductory in nature, aimed at anyone with an interest in Catholic liturgy who have not had the opportunity to develop their knowledge.  The course covers many aspects of liturgy with eminent speakers from the Catholic liturgy world in England and Wales: 

  • Celebrating the Liturgy Today, Ann Blackett and Mgr Kevin McGinnell
  • The Paschal Mystery, Kathryn Turner
  • Healing and Forgiveness, Fr Allen Morris 
  • Initiation, Paul Inwood and Catherine Christmas
  • Commitment, Canon Pat Hartnett and team
  • Ways of Prayer, Fr Adrian Porter, SJ

Full information about the speakers, course dates, course content, how to apply and financial assistance of up to 50%, available from the Society’s website Society of St Gregory, 'Taking Liturgy Seriously'