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Higher Education: Catholic Universities and Colleges

There are a range of Catholic Universities and Colleges in this country and abroad which, between them, provide a wide range of high quality degree courses taught in English.

Catholic Children's Society

Catholic Childrens Society Walk a Mile Event 2009The Catholic Children’s Society is able to provide:

  • Play therapy for pupils in primary schools
  • Counselling for students in secondary schools
  • Child and Adolescent psychotherapy for pupils of both primary and secondary schools
  • Input into PSHE
  • Training for staff on children’s emotional development and behaviour
  • Advice and counselling following bereavement or a traumatic incident.

For information on these services please follow the links below to:

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Services (Bishop Harvey Family Service)

If you have a query or would like to discuss these services further please contact: Dr Rosemary Keenan, Chief Executive, Catholic Children’s Society, 73 St Charles square, London W10 6EJ. Tel: 020 8969 5305. E-mail

Ambassadors Programme

The Society also has an Ambassador’s programme for students from secondary schools. This programme provides older students with the opportunity to reflect on how their faith can be put into action through good works to address poverty and disadvantage. For more information please follow the link above.

St John's Catholic School for the Deaf

St John's Catholic School for the Deaf in West Yorkshire, is the only Catholic school for the deaf in the UK. It was founded more than 140 years ago and has a national catchment area.

St John's School for the Deaf website is available here

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