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Schools Bulletin: December 2013


From the Interim Director

As a head I was always pleased when November ended and the school started to prepare for Christmas, a lovely time for pupils in schools -except perhaps for year 11s who may be doing their mock GCSEs. I hope that it will be an enjoyable time for you, your staff and governors too; I am well aware of all the hard work that will go into the activities for the last few weeks and am very grateful to you all.

In the service we are looking forward to the New Year when John Paul Morrison commences his role as Director of Education, and I am looking forward to returning to being a member of the Education Commission. I have learnt a great deal during my time as Interim Director and I shall try to put that knowledge to good use during our discussions. It has been a privilege to be part of the Education Service and I am very grateful to Bishop John Sherrington for giving me this opportunity and to you all and the members of the service who have been so welcoming and supportive during my time here.  At the beginning of this school year Bishop John expressed the hope that your work this year would enable the children and students in our schools and colleges to focus and deepen their understanding of the call to be a disciple who is sent bearing faith, hope and love into the world. There is no greater calling than to be part of this mission.

God bless you and thank you

Kate Griffin 


The Primary Headteachers Conference will take place in York from Wednesday 19th March until Friday 21st March and the Primary Deputy Headteachers Conference will take place in Durham from Wednesday 5th March until Friday 7th March. John Paul Morrison our new Director of Education will be there and I know that he is looking forward to spending time with you. I also know that concern has been expressed that the notes taken at the conference in Rome have not, as yet been circulated to you, however, please be assured that they will in the near future. Please put the dates into your diaries and more information will be circulated before the end of term.

Contact: Kate Griffin  020 7798 9005


Senior Leadership Vacancies

Before making any arrangements for advertising, shortlisting or interviewing for a Head, Deputy, RE Curriculum Leader or Chaplain, please notify the diocese. For Senior Leadership appointments please contact Mike Pittendreigh;    for Chaplains, please contact Mgr. Vladimir Felzmann.

Thank you.


Changes to the Diocesan Inspection Process – January 2014

The Diocesan Inspection Committee have agreed changes to the timing of Diocesan Inspections to allow schools to make adequate preparation, but not to burden them with an extended period of waiting for the actual date of their inspection to be announced.  The current practice of a term’s notice was considered too long and 5 working days’ notice raised the difficulty of ensuring parity of preparation time for all schools during the working week.

From 6 January 2014 the following changes will be introduced:

  1.  Schools will receive 2 working days’ notice of the date of their Diocesan inspection.   This means that inspections will occur on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays of the school week. The Chief Inspector will phone the school on the morning of the day which allows for two working days’ notice -

Monday for inspection on a Wednesday, Tuesday for inspection on a Thursday and Wednesday for inspection on a Friday -  and inform the school of the name of the lead inspector. There will be a ONE day inspection for primary schools and a two day inspection for secondary schools.

After the school has been informed of its inspection date, the lead inspector will phone the head to make all necessary arrangements.

  1.  Schools can expect their inspection according to the Diocesan schedule, based on the grade of their previous inspection. (every 5 years for outstanding and very good schools; every 3 years for schools judged good; every 2 years for schools causing concern)
  2. Revised documentation will be placed on the website on Wednesday 11 Dec.

Current documentation will be removed on the 11 Dec to avoid confusion.

  1. The revised Diocesan Handbook sets out very clearly any changes to the process.

Please contact:  Sister Mary Jo Martin;; phone: 020 7798 9005. Mobile: 07881 641575



Schools are reminded that all Admission Policies and Supplementary Information Forms should have been sent to the diocese by now. Where consultation is necessary the final admission arrangements must be seen by the diocese and forwarded to the LA before the end of this term.

Contact: Mary Ryan  020 7798 9005


Fairtrade Schools and Spoon Pledge

Message from Barbarda Kentish, Justice & Peace Coordinator : “I would like to invite your school to take part in our Justice and Peace initiative to make Westminster a Fairtrade diocese, and I have pleasure in enclosing with this Bulletin our new Fairtrade Schools leaflet to explain how to do this.  The Fairtrade process can help us to understand world trade, or be a vehicle for exploring Catholic Social Teaching, or a tool for exploring marketing and consumer choice, amongst several curriculum opportunities.  Above all, it helps farmers and workers in poorer countries to get a better deal for their products.  We expect shortly to reach the minimum requirement of half our parishes registering as Fairtrade institutions.  It would be wonderful if schools and parishes together could witness to justice and dignity for some of the world’s poorest communities. Leading up to our Diocesan Fairtrade launch on March 1st we are launching a ‘Spoons Pledge’ campaign.  For information about this and further ideas for schools, please contact us for Youth Pack. 

Contact: Barbara Kentish, Justice & Peace Coordinator,  020 8888 4222



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Good News Slot

(Please note: this section of the bulletin consists of good news which have been sent in from schools around the diocese.  It may well be that others have achieved similar awards or success and, if so, we congratulate them too! Please send your news to )

Sion Manning Girls, North Kensington for obtaining the Inclusion Quality Award; Sion Manning were also awarded a Teach First Certificate after giving an exceptional performance by their Steel Band at Teach First London Region Opening Ceremony; St Raphael’s Primary, Northolt who celebrated their Golden Anniversary on 10th September. The following day the pupils had a “Golden Day” and released 50 Gold Balloons; St Joseph’s Primary School, Goodson Road, Brent was one of seven most outstanding state schools in London 2012/2013 who obtained the Academic Excellence Award 2013 at the Evening Standard School Awards in Kensington on 14th November.  St Joseph’s have also been made a member of the Mayor of London’s Gold Club for Schools.


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