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A Student Speaks: Our Lady's Convent, Hackney

On Wednesday 13th September, a group of us from Our Lady attended the funeral of the late Cardinal Cormac. The service was beautiful, Cardinal Cormac’s nephew paid tribute to him, telling us all about the great family man he was (around 95 members of his family attended the service.) We were told of how the power of his faith enriched their lives greatly- as well as those who met him. In the homily, given by Archbishop Stack, it was said of Cardinal Cormac: ‘Humility and action were part of the robe that he wore.’

This shows that an integral part of the late Cardinal’s mission was to always treat others with compassion, and to do so with ‘action’. Thus, it becomes a part of his legacy, a legacy that perhaps we should all try to live out in our everyday lives.

Jenna Colaco

Sixth Former

Our Lady's Convent High School, Hackney


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