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Safeguarding Commission Role

Appointed by the Diocesan Bishop and acting on his and the Diocesan Trustees’ behalf the Commission has advisory and supportive functions.

The Commission receives all national policies and through the Co-ordinator implements/updates them across the Diocese in a timely fashion.

The Commission also acts upon new reports of allegations/concerns of abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults that have occurred within a Church environment and works with the statutory agencies accordingly. Existing cases are reviewed regularly.


RCDOW Safeguarding Commission

The RCDOW Safeguarding Commission currently has 10 members from a wide range of backgrounds including; Police, a retired LADO, Religious Order Representatives, Clergy and Barrister.

The Chair of the RCDOW Safeguarding Commission has over 35 years local authority experience and specialised in managing safeguarding and front-line social work services as well as specialist residential, youth justice, asylum and homelessness services. In addition to his operational responsibilities his particular areas of experience include service transformation, project/change management, commissioning and audit work. Prior to retirement in June 2012 he was the Assistant Director for Children’s Social Care in an inner-London borough and now works part-time as an independent management consultant.



Commission Members


Mr Peter Houghton, Commission Chair

Ms Barbara Beese, Deputy Chair

Mr Michael Ashe QC

Mr Andrzej Wdowiak

Ms Angela Killeen

Ms Anne Mitchell

Ms Mary Coller

Fr Stephen Coker

Mrs Marianne Harrington

Sr Frances Patricia Cullen, CSFN

Carmel Fox (Wood Green PSR)

Pauline Butterfield (Oblates Safeguarding Lead)

In attendance:

Rev Monsignor Seamus O'Boyle

Episcopal Vicar for Safeguarding