WYD - Arrival in Krakow

All 220 World Youth Day pilgrims from the diocese have arrived safely in Krakow and gathered for their first evening together. 

The excitement here is palpable. On the streets people sing and cheer, brandishing flags from countries from Australia to Chile. The city is covered in images of Pope St John Paul II and St Faustina.

After the late arrival of the coaches from Lodz, pilgrims were grateful to be welcomed into their accommodation and to be fed a hearty polish meal. Many pilgrims were joyous to find friends that had joined the group for World Youth Day week. Those that had attended Paradise in the City the week before described having already been on a ‘mini pilgrimage’ and were eager to experience this on a larger scale in Krakow. 

Despite the long journeys that have been endured to get here, there is mounting excitement and anticipation of the events to come this week. 

Tomorrow events begin with the opening Mass in Blonia Park with the Holy Father before which pilgrims will spend time getting to know each and exploring the city that they will become so familiar with over the next few days.