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Natural Fertility Awareness (Natural Family Planning)

This page is a source of information for those couples who are trying to learn about their fertility in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Natural Family Planning is a natural, healthy and effective method which unites husband and wife in the shared responsiblity of creating and caring for their family. Enabling couples to reliably differentiate between a fertile day and a non-fertile day, it increases communicaiton between spouses enabling them to live and love in harmony with the teachings of the Church. It is also highly effective in helping couples achieve pregnancy and has been successful in enabling a third of couples conceive who struggle with fertility issues.

The methods are easy to learn and with no harmful side effects, they are embryo-friendly and result in fewer divorces, due to the mutual understanding and joint responsibility that NFP couples practice with increased use.

For information on achieving or avoiding pregnancy please follow the links below.

Marriage and Family Life, Initiatives supporting Natural Fertility Awareness.

Natural Fertility Matters. Natural Family Planning, infertility treatment & women’s health services.

Billings Method England. Using the body’s natural signal of fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy and to safeguard your reproductive health. 

Natural Family Planning Website for teachers but also for those couples who are trying to learn about their fertility in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

The Couple to Couple League in Great Britain. CCL has been teaching the Symptothermal Method of NFP for 40 years internationally, and for 30 years in the UK.

If you are struggling to conceive with charting alone, please visit the websites below.
Napro Technology 

(Natural Procreative Technology)

A Major Breakthrough In Monitoring and Maintaining a Woman's Reproductive and Gynecological Health.

Napro Technology Poland.

Fertiliity Care, France.

Neo Fertility Ireland.

For information on Napro Technology England please email the Catholic Medical Association (UK) to Local branch enquiry secretary@catholicmedicalassociation.org.uk 

Life Fertility Care -The Life Fertility Care programme promotes and supports reproductive health and fertility.

Natural vs Artificial Contraception: 

Please visit our excellent Youth Ministry Relationships resource page for further reading.

For further assistance please email family@rcdow.org.uk.