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World Meeting of Families 2018 Westminster Diocese Launch Day!

The World Meeting of Families was started by Pope Saint John Paul II, in 1994 and is held every three years; this major world event celebrates family as the cornerstone of our lives, and the fundamental building block of society and the Church. In 2015 the event was held in Philadelphia where over a million people attended the final event of the programme! At the end of the concluding Mass in Philadelphia Pope Francis announced that the next WMOF would take place in Dublin 21-26 August 2018. www.worldmeeting2018.ie

As the Diocese of Westminster we are looking to take a big group of participants from across our parishes and communities. To find out registration details and general information on the WMOF 2018 please email family@rcdow.org.uk or call 020 7931 6064 and speak with Charlotte McNerlin.

The AMORIS: Let’s Talk Family! Let’s be Family!

This is a Programme on parish renewal which offers a range of resources called Practical Activities for Popular Moments. For example, A Family New Year’s Resolution, this was sent out to all parishes, before Christmas from the Agency for Evangelisation. We will be mailing a Launch Pack to all parishes with WMOF Icon Card of the Holy Family with booklet, Prayer Card and WMOF information leaflet.


Fr Chris Vipers

Director of the Agency for Evangelisation

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