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UK National Marriage Week 13th – 19th May 2019

This year’s Marriage Week theme is ‘Recipe for a Healthy Marriage’. The ingredients for that recipe are: Kindness; Friendship; Commitment; Forgiveness; Intimacy; Tolerant communication.

It works on two levels, to get couples thinking about the recipe for a stable and loving marriage and spending fun time together by cooking!

Marriage Week is a great time for investing in marriage and the central part it plays in building strong communities.

Download Marriage Week Parish Resources Focus on marriage in one of your services with Prayer Stations. Use Marriage Week to celebrate and invest in marriages and relationships with a Couples Evening or a Wedding Feast!

Choose any of these resources to suit your church needs and capacity to engage with Marriage Week 2019.

Collection of Recipes: Marriage Week are offering you recipes. Recipes not just for the food, but all kinds of things to think about as you invest in your marriage. A taste of Comedy at Home, Jigsaw Puzzling Together, or Take a Journey.