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'Joy for the World' A day for everyone involved in Marriage and Family Ministry

The theme of August’s World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin is The Gospel of the Family, Joy for the World.  Inspired by this, the Marriage and Family Life Department organised “Joy for the World”, a day for everyone involved in Marriage and Family Ministry on 23rd June at Vaughan House.

It was a truly joyous occasion attended by parishioners active in this ministry including representatives from Loving4Life, Cana UK, Teams of Our Lady, Worldwide Marriage Encounter, Familias and Explore Relationships.

The event was introduced by Bishop Nicholas Hudson.  He made a presentation to Mary McGhee for her sterling work as Westminster Explore Development Officer as she moves on to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.  He also presented Charlotte McNerlin and the Marriage and Family Life Department with a Mother of Pearl icon of the Holy Family from Jerusalem. 

The key note speaker was Mary Killeen, Director of Marriage and Family at the Maryvale Institute.

Taking into account that this year is also the 50th anniversary of Humanae vitae, Mary spoke of three main points from its teaching:

The universal nature of love for all the world is rooted, anthropologically, in our nature as human beings.

The relationship between joy and the truth of love which St Paul identifies in 1 Cor 13:6 and which features largely in Amoris Laetitiae.

The relationship between truth and freedom (Jn 8:32).  It is knowing and living the truth of love that frees us to experience the joy of love.


Fr Ivano Millico gave a lively presentation based upon his new book published by CTS Publications 7 Words on Marriage.  These words or themes are: ‘Raphael’, ‘I take thee’, ‘Ring’, ‘Blessing’, ‘Nuptial bed’, ‘Cana’, ‘Sunem’.  He explained how he uses these themes, along with the roles of Joseph and Mary, to engage with young couples and help them to understand the roles of Father and Mother which they are about to undertake.

This day was a taste of things to come.  Looking to the future, the Marriage and Family Life Department is hoping to inaugurate a new annual conference in Spring 2019 to provide support for all involved in Marriage and Family Ministry.

To continue our conversation please click here to download a helpful resource. In the Image of Love:Marriage, the Family and the New Evangelization, Carl A. Anderson and Michelle K. Borras.