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Bambinelli Sunday, Blessing the Christ Child

The beautiful Advent Tradition, Bambinelli Sunday, was instituted by Saint Pope John Paul II during his Papacy.

The tradition follows that on the Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) children and adults bring their Baby Jesus figures from their homes to St Peters Square where they are blessed by the Pope.

All children and families are invited to bring the Baby Jesus figure from their homes to be blessed. Families can make their own 'Bambinelli' if they wish.

Parishes around the world now join in the celebration, encouraging young children to make the connection between the Nativity set at home and the local church where they worship each weekend.

“It helps children and young people to prepare for Jesus.” 

(Pope Francis)

A suggestion is, following the blessing, take your 'Bambinelli' home, wrap it and open it as a family on Christmas morning where the youngest member of the family would place it in the crib. A gift of the presence of Christ in your home this Christmas.

This year we will celebrate 'Bambinelli Sunday' on December the 16th.

Download a 'Bambinelli Sunday' poster for your parish here.