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The Diocese of Westminster seeks to provide pastoral care for LGBT Catholics so they feel more able to enter into the life of the Church.

This pastoral support includes support for growth in faith, prayer, the encouragement of friendship and days of reflection.

The LGBT Catholic Community meet every second and fourth Sunday to join in the Farm Street 5.30pm parish mass, as well as meeting for social and spiritual activities. For further information visit:


Other pastoral outreach groups recognised by the Diocese of Westminster are Courage and EnCourage. 

Courage is a support group for those experiencing same-sex attraction and who wish to live a chaste life in accordance with the Church's teaching. Contact london.courage@gmail.com, or the Chaplain, Mgr Keith Barltrop: keithbarltrop@rcdow.org.uk

EnCourage is a related ministry for friends and family members of those with same-­sex attraction. Contact encourage.london@gmail.com, or the Chaplain, Mgr Keith Barltrop: keithbarltrop@rcdow.org.uk

For further information on Courage and EnCourage visit: https://couragerc.org/