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Music for Peace Workshop

Parish singers and musicians of all ages and abilities are invited to this workshop on Saturday 16th June, 10am - 1pm, to learn music on the theme of Peace as part of the 100 Days of Peace initiative.

Held at St John Vianney Parish Centre, 4 Vincent Road, London, N15 3QH. Cost £5 Adult, £2.50 Child or Concession, £25 Parish Group. Please come even if you cannot afford the full cost.

This workshop will be faciliated by Frances Novillo and Jenny Kettleton who are both experienced musicians and facilitators of parish music groups.  Frances and Jenny are particularly good at teaching younger musicians to join in alongside adults and also at communicating when and how to use new music at Mass and other prayer times. Come and learn music that will inspire you during the 100 Days of Peace and beyond...