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  • 15 January
    Preparing Teenagers for Confirmation – an Introduction- Holloway
  • 15 January
    Basic Counselling Skills for Pastoral work (1)
  • 18 January
    The Liturgy of the Word with Children (2 sessions)- Wembley
  • 20 January
    RCIA Seminars for RCIA Parish Teams – 2018 - Vaughan House
  • 22 January
    Basic Counselling Skills for Pastoral work (2)

~ Marriage & Family Life - Fellowship - Parish Community

To belong is important.  Firstly to our family, and for some as part of a married life together.  For all, there is a need for fellowship; and for many, the Parish Community can be source of friendship and support. What we contribute to our 'belonging' will be as important as what we receive from it.  And it is that community, whatever its shape or size, that we live out the Good News, a reflection of the Community of Love, which is the Holy Trinity itself.

In this section you will find a selection of resources and links to give you, your family and your parish ideas on how your relationships with those you care for and those close to you can grow.

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