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Sharing our spiritual riches: Interreligious Dialogue

On 27th March we focus on the contemporary challenge to proclaim the Gospel in a multifaith society.  Archbishop Kevin McDonald, Chairman of the Catholic Bishops' Committees for Catholic-Jewish Relations and for relations with other religions, addresses us on Sharing our spiritual riches: Interreligious Dialogue.  When Pope Benedict met representatives of both the Catholic Church and of other religions at St Mary's, Twickenham on 17th September 2010, he said "... at the level of formal conversations, there is need not only for theological exchange, but also for sharing our spiritual riches, speaking of our experience of prayer and contemplation, and expressing to one another the joy of our encounter with divine love." This lecture will be a reflection on these words.

Adult Formation Summary


Pope John Paul II wrote that the 'formation and enrichment' of all members of the Church will enable 'the proclamation of Christ to reach people, mould communities, and have a deep and incisive influence in bringing Gospel values to bear in society and culture.'