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Cardinal Newman: A man for our time

Cardinal Newman: a Man for our Times is the title of the first ‘Faith Matters’ lecture, to be given on 2 November by Dr Judith Champ,  Director of Studies and Lecturer in Church History at Oscott College, near  Birmingham. This introductory lecture is to set Newman in his historical  context, and reflect on his enduring significance in our own time. Dr  Champ will explore what it meant for Newman to make the choices and  decisions he did and what effect that process had on him and on English  Catholicism. The lecture will explain some of the ways in which the  dramatic developments of Newman's time helped to shape the identity and  the place of Catholicism in English society.

Adult Formation Summary


Pope John Paul II wrote that the 'formation and enrichment' of all members of the Church will enable 'the proclamation of Christ to reach people, mould communities, and have a deep and incisive influence in bringing Gospel values to bear in society and culture.'