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Proclaim Workshop 2: Leadership & Discipleship

Evangelisation Workshop for Priests & People 

Missionary Parish: Leadership & Discipleship

As a follow-on from the autumn workshops, you are invited to come along to one of three new workshops, ‘Missionary Parish: Leadership & Discipleship’.  The Saturday morning workshops will look at how we encourage discipleship and develop local leadership, as key steps in reaching out to those who are not active in their parish or are strangers to the faith.  It will also be an opportunity to share your experiences and gain ideas and insight from colleagues across the diocese. 

There are three venues for the workshop which are listed below.  Whether you are a member of the clergy, or part of your Proclaim or other parish team, or just someone who is interested in proclaiming the Good News, then I hope you will consider joining one of the workshops.

Date of Workshop


Venue / Parish Hall

Sat. 10th Feb.


9.30am – 12.30pm

Vaughan House

46 Francis Street, London SW1P 1QN

Sat. 3rd Mar.

St Albans  - SS Alban & Stephen

14 Beaconsfield Road, St Albans AL1 3RB

Sat. 24th Mar.

Ruislip – Most Sacred Heart

73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip HA4 8NN


How do you get parishioners to actively share their faith, to be missionary disciples?  The workshop will explore practical ways to inspire parish teams and parishioners in becoming more ‘missionary’ in their approach. 

Participants will be able to share their experiences, and consider a range of tools and techniques to help encourage discipleship, and support local leadership.


To register for one of the workshops and for more information please e-mail:  Warren Brown at  

Telephone contact is 0207 798 9152