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  • 12 December
    Pope Francis and the Evangelising Mission of the Church
  • 15 January
    Basic Counselling Skills for Pastoral work (1)
  • 22 January
    Basic Counselling Skills for Pastoral work (2)
  • 25 January
    Journey through Lent with Marks’ Gospel(1)
  • 27 January
    Mindfulness in Christian Tradition (1)

Come Home for Christmas

Come Home For Christmas is an initiative of the Catholic Church which aims to offer a seasonal welcome to Catholics who for different reasons no longer or rarely attend Mass. Whatever your story or journey, the door's open for you.

Whilst this resource has been created to offer a seasonal invitation and welcome, the journey back into the Catholic Community can of course happen at any time. The information on this site may therefore be of help to you at any point throughout the year.

For guidance and information, please click on link:


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