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  • 24 February
    Formation for Readers
  • 26 February
    Pope Francis and the Evangelising Mission of the Church
  • 27 February
    Journey through Lent with Marks’ Gospel(4)
  • 28 February
    A Biblical Journey through the Mass (2)
  • 3 March
    Agency for Evangelisation- Proclaim Westminster - St. Albans

Agency for Evangelisation Prospectus Autumn Term 2017

The Agency for Evangelisation sets out to provide the necessary tools to help individuals and groups grow as ‘Missionary Disciples’ of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

This Prospectus lists a range of opportunities developed by the Agency to support them in that endeavour.

The Proclaim Workshops steer parish leaders in their task of bringing the ‘Joy of the Gospel’ to all. Catechetical Courses provide the bedrock of teaching in the Faith. Marriage and Family Life Programmes promote this vital mission for the good of the individual and the family, and for the benefit of society.

Adult Faith Formation Events present a range of opportunities to enable individuals to grow in their faith. Small Group Resources bring together the Catholic community to explore the teachings of Christ and his Church.

Whether you are a parishioner, a Catechist or a Proclaim Lead in the Parish, I hope you will find something new to help you and others on the journey of Faith we all share.

Fr Chris
Fr Chris Vipers, Director of Agency for Evangelisation.



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