Growing in Faith

Faith Development
Latest Events
  • 26 April
    Catholic Grandparents Association First Annual Retreat/Conference
  • 3 May
    Course on “The Gospel of St John and Spiritual Life”
  • 6 May
    Retrouvaille Programme (non-residential)
  • 6 May
    Medical Ethics for Christian Professionals - One Day Course.
  • 8 May
    Multidisciplinary Conference Patient Advocacy

Faith and our journey of faith are at once both profoundly personal and public. Each one of us is challenged to that personal growth of understanding so that we may make a confident commitment to what we believe. That involves learning about our faith, nourishing that faith with the Scriptures and the teaching of the Church and it also means learning from others in our faith community: learning from their example, their experience and their wisdom. Not only do we benefit from the faith of others, we are all called by Pope Francis to be 'missionary disciples', witnessing to our faith not only in our encouragement of other Christians but in proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ to the world in which we live.

Growing in our faith and deepening our believe is a life-long task. We hope that in these 'Faith' pages you will find news, information and resources that will help you on your journey. As Christians, and as members of our Church, we never travel alone. May you find in these pages the joy of the Gospel message.