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SmartLoving Engaged Face-to-Face 

Engaged is a parish-based, marriage formation programme that integrates contemporary relationship psychology with Catholic theology for an effective and powerful experience for the engaged couple.

An easy way for parishes to provide their own marriage preparation courses, using their own parishioners as facilitators.

Whether presented by married couple mentors, one person or a team, no prior teaching experience is required.

The comprehensive Leader’s manual and six-session DVD ensures that the course is presented consistently and with high standards, articulating clearly the Church's beautiful teaching on the Sacrament of Martrimony.

SmartLoving Engaged is flexible—it can be used in couple-to-couple mentoring, small home-based groups or with large groups in a parish setting.

Go to SmartLoving/Engaged to see the website which explains the syllabus content and topics. Watch the video showing the course in use by the Ealing Abbey marriage preparation team.

For more information about SmartLoving Engaged please contact Marriage and Family Life 020 7931 6064 family@rcdow.org.uk  

SmartLoving Engaged in the UK

SmartLoving Engaged Resources. See information for Mentors & Parish Leaders including how to order hard copies of the SmartLoving Engaged books, here.

SmartLoving Engaged Online

The most sophisticated, flexible and user-friendly Catholic Marriage Preparation Course available anywhere, anytime. Give yourselves the tools to make your marriage the best it can be.

Who is it for?

Engaged | Dating | Newlywed

Need an approved course before your Catholic Wedding?

Need flexibility?

In a long-distance relationship or a shift worker?

Want an experience to take your relationships to the next level?

SmartLoving Engaged online gives you a comprehensive marriage preparation course at home or on the go! Click here to have a look at our sample topic from Lesson 1 – Marriage as a Mission 

Please note
The certificate will be issued three days after confirmation of the completion of the SmartLoving Engaged online course. 


Celebrating ten years of SmartLoving..

'Add Some Sparkle To Your Marriage'  A Marriage Enrichment Day at Ealing Abbey -Saturday 2 December 2017.

On Saturday, we celebrated the ten year anniversary of the current Marriage Preparation Course at Ealing Abbey, with an afternoon enrichment session for married couples, focusing on the continued effective communication for a vibrant and joyful married life.

After refreshments, Fr Chris Vipers, whose responsibilities include Family Life in the Westminster diocese, gently guided couples in a small-group session from the brand new ‘Counting our Blessings’ resource with the question, how did you know he or she was the one for you? That was followed by Pierre & Clotilde Decaquery, who just celebrated over thirty years of marriage, sharing their Ten Secrets to a happy marriage! Finishing off the day with Mass including the opportunity for couples to renew their wedding vows. A huge thank you to everyone involved with a special mention to Peter and Melin Augustine who hosted the day.