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  • Catholic Marriage Preparation Catholic Marriage Preparation

    You want a Catholic wedding but are uncertain how to go about it or whether you are both eligible, you've got lots of questions you'd like answers to before you approach a priest, or perhaps you simply want to find a Marriage Preparation Course......

  • Explore -
Remote Marriage Preparation Explore - Remote Marriage Preparation

    Explore seeks to enable young people to think positively about LIFE-LONG relationships and commitment. The work consists of bringing married couples into Secondary Schools to talk to groups of young people about their own lives and marriages.  Th...

  • Family Life - 
Sources of SupportFamily Life - Sources of Support

    What the Church is doing. Based on a consultation of 15,000 families entitled Listening 2004: My Family, My Church, the Catholic Bishops of England & Wales launched Celebrating Family: Blessed, Broken, Living Love - a strategy for supporting...

  • Loving4Life
Marriage Enrichment Loving4Life Marriage Enrichment

    SmartLoving offers marriage enrichment weekends to married couples to help them rediscover the joy of being a man and woman in love, drawing on the wisdom of the authentic Catholic teaching on the Theology of the Body. For all ages and stages of m...

  • Natural Fertility Awareness (Natural Family Planning)Natural Fertility Awareness (Natural Family Planning)

    The Church respects the choice of parents to space their children using the natural rhythms of a woman's cycle and NFP gives couples the understanding they need to avoid pregnancy where there is serious reason to do so. It is also highly effective...

  • Newsletter - FAMILIAS association for Catholic Diocesan Marriage & Family Life MinistryNewsletter - FAMILIAS association for Catholic Diocesan Marriage & Family Life Ministry

    FAMILIAS grew out of the long term commitment and mutual support of individuals and teams of people who work in their parishes and dioceses to support and encourage the valuing and understanding of family life as an essential expression of our Ca...

  • Preparing for Sunday Mass as a CouplePreparing for Sunday Mass as a Couple

    Cardinal Vincent Nichols says "May the Lord portrayed in Scripture fulfil His promise of undying love for all those who will benefit from using these books week by week.”

  • SmartLoving Engaged -  enabling parishes to present marriage preparation coursesSmartLoving Engaged - enabling parishes to present marriage preparation courses

    SmartLoving Engaged offers an easy way for parishes to provide their own marriage preparation courses, using their own parishioners as facilitators. Whether presented by married couple mentors, one person or a team, no prior teaching experienc...

  • Talk by Author Gabriele KubyTalk by Author Gabriele Kuby

    Renowned author Gabriele Kuby gives an incisive analysis of the currents and trends beneath the crisis of the family but from her own experience and insights offers hope and courage to proclaim anew the joy of love generated by the family for soci...

  • Theology of the Body - downloadable talksTheology of the Body - downloadable talks

    Download a variety of video and audio presentations from some of the world’s best scholars and enthusiasts gathered at St Mary's University College, Twickenham in 2011 to deepen and broaden the understanding of Theology of the Body