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Mass In Thanksgiving For Matrimony 2017

On Saturday, 3rd June, 675 married couples from all over the Diocese were invited by Cardinal Vincent to attend the annual Mass in Thanksgiving for Matrimony.

All the couples were invited because they are celebrating a significant Wedding Anniversary in 2017; 10th, 20th …60th and any anniversary over 60. It was a wonderful and joy-filled celebration and it was particularly inspiring that the number of such couples in our Diocese is so large that they filled the Cathedral. Marriage is alive and well, in spite of rumours to the contrary!

During the Mass, the couples were asked to stand facing each other and, with hands joined, they renewed their commitment to each other with a blessing from Cardinal Vincent Nichols. All were thrilled that everyone around them, no matter how long they have been married, were making the same commitment. 

Cardinal Vincent said to couples “You form together new and unique strands in the history of the human family, new threads in the tapestry of life which are part of the great tapestry of our shared human endeavour. Without your marriages and family, human history would not be the same.”

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