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Lourdes is ‘a place apart’. Without doubt a place of prayer but also of peace and consolation, where the pilgrim can pour out their troubles, worries, anxieties in wordless conversation with Our Lady. A place where the pilgrim may hear God speak to them in their hearts. A place, in the first instance of Our Lady, quietly showing the way to her Son.


Lourdes is situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees in S W France. The story begins with a young girl, Bernadette Soubirous, the eldest of nine children. In 1858, Our Lady first appeared to Bernadette in the cave of Massabielle on February 11th of that year. She was to appear a further 17 times. Each year the Sanctuary chooses a theme to help us focus on the Lourdes message and what it can mean for our lives. The theme for 2011 is, 'Praying the Our Father'. This theme provides much food for thought since it is a call to each one of us and is nothing less than an invitation to enter into the life of the Trinity itself.

Lourdes Blog

  • July 2013
    • 26th July

      The final full day

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    • 25th July25th July

      Why does this blog always start with a weather report? Really it should start with stating how wonderful it is to be in Lourdes as part of the Westminster Diocese.

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    • 24th July 201324th July 2013

      A rather cooler day...... but that didn't last. By this afternoon it was blisteringly hot again.

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    • 23rd July 2013 23rd July 2013

      We all went into the mountains this morning. We celebrated Mass in the ever-popular Cathedral of the Trees at the Cité St Pierre, a little way above Lourdes.

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    • 22nd July 201322nd July 2013

      Well, we’ve arrived. The final Westminster pilgrim walked into their hotel yesterday evening.

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  • July 2012
    • 27th July 2012

      We've arrived at the last day of the pilgrimage. Bishop Sherrington presided and picked up on the first reading which was when Peter and John were called before the Sanhedrin and gave an account of their faith.

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    • If it's Thursday morning, it must be the Cathedral in the Trees26th July 2012

      This morning we had the traditional Mass with the theme of the family up at the Cathedral in the Trees. It was lovely and warm.

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    • Father Nesbitt and the Reds25th July 2012

      I hardly seems possible but we're halfway through our pilgrimage today. Archbishop Vincent is leaving us to return to London in time for the opening of the Olympic games. We're sorry to see him go but we're left in the very capable hands of Bishop John Sherrington.

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    • Maestro Giovanni, raring to go at the Grotto Mass24th July 2012

      Well, it's another lovely morning here in Lourdes. We celebrated our 'Grotto' Mass today. Very often this Mass, because of the large numbers present, has to happen on the prairie across the river.

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    • Westminster pilgrims gather for the opening procession23rd July 2012

      Well, the pilgrimage has finally begun and what a difference from twelve months ago. Instead of the grey skies, umbrellas and rain capes of last year the sun definitely has his hat on today as you can see from the photographs. After a solemn but joyful procession in the bright, warm sunshine we were able to celebrate our opening liturgy in the beautiful Rosary Basilica.

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    • The Lourdes water fountains at night19th July 2012

      It's that time of the year again, folks. The diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes begins next week.

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