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Gail WilliamsGail Williams | Centre Manager | Caritas St Joseph's

Gail is the Centre Manager of Caritas St Joseph’s in Hendon, a lifelong learning centre for over 200 adults with intellectual disabilities. Motivated by her love of sharing her faith, Gail trained as a catechist for people with intellectual disabilities and volunteered in her parish until 2010, when she became an outreach co-ordinator for the Diocese of Westminster. She strives to create a place where her students feel they belong, and where they can find friendship, family and love. Gail has two grown-up sons and enjoys music, dancing, art and reading in her spare time.


Karen AnstissKaren Anstiss | Service Manager | Caritas Bakhita House

Karen joined Caritas Bakhita House after having spent over 30 years working with traumatised victims as a Metropolitan Police Officer. In 1985, she became a specialist trained officer in dealing with victims of sexual crime, and later Karen was instrumental in the creation of Sapphire, a unit which investigates serious sexual violence. Since 2010, Karen has worked closely with the Church in supporting victims of trafficking. This highly successful partnership has culminated in the opening of Bakhita House in June 2015. Karen turned 50 this year, which she describes as ‘a true miracle’.


Shell RocaMichelle Roca | Director | Caritas Deaf Service

Michelle is the Director of the Caritas Deaf Service, a role which allows her to achieve her aim of enabling and empowering the Deaf Community to be an active part of the Church. Michelle joined the Deaf Service in 2006, and loves the varied nature of her work. The Deaf Service holds regular signed Masses, organises pilgrimages in the UK and abroad, and provides access to the sacraments in British Sign Language. Michelle also works with people who are Deafblind and Hard of Hearing. In 2014, Michelle qualified as a Registered Sign Language interpreter. 


Sarah MetcalfeSarah Metcalfe | Assistant | Caritas Deaf Service

Having joined the Deaf Service in 2004, Sarah has been involved in many and varied projects and initiatives with the Deaf Community. She works with both Deaf adults and Deaf children and their families, supporting them as they develop their faith both in their parishes and in the wider community. Sarah is a fluent British Sign Language user and can communicate using the Deafblind manual alphabet and hands-on signing.


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