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Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Drop-in Centres

Haringey Migrant CentreThere are a number of drop-in centres for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers across London and Hertfordshire. These centres offer various services and advice and support, and are often in need of volunteers and extra resources. 

The following two links take you to external pages which have lists of refugee and asylum seeker drop-in centres in London:

Day Centres and Drop-ins - New North London Synagogue

Other Services - Hackney Migrant Centre

The following centres are in Hertfordshire:

Watford and Three Rivers Refugee Partnership

Integration Support Services

British Red Cross Refugee Support

To find other refugee, migrant and asylum seeker services in your area, please use the Refugee Council's Services Directory


Please note that migrant centres in London are experiencing extremely high demand for their services, and there is an urgent need for new centres. If you would like to set up a migrant centre in your area, please get in touch.


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